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Professional legal services including green cards and U.S. temporary visas

Gondim Law Corp’s primary mission is to help qualified foreign citizens pursue their goals and dreams in the United States. Our office located in Los Angeles, offers a full range of immigration legal services, including, but not limited to, family-based immigration, employment-based (EB) immigration, non-immigrant work visas, immigration court proceedings, humanitarian assistance, citizenship, and so on. Our professional team members are fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with our Immigration Attorneys and let Gondim Law Corp. fulfill your dreams and goals in the United States!


Gondim Law Corp’s mission is to provide the best legal aid for all those seeking to legally reside in the United States; and the first step in achieving this goal is to understand that each immigrant has their own history and motivation, but all of them have in common the desire to fully live the American Dream. 


Immigrants are the backbone of the United States. From the founding of the country to the present day, immigration has been a key factor in explaining the economic and social success of the greatest superpower on the planet. We understand that stimulating legal immigration is the best way to contribute to an increasingly prosperous and inclusive future not just for our clients, but also for the American society.


Gondim Law Corp. was founded by immigrants who once arrived in the United States in pursuit of the same dreams that today we help our clients to achieve. We value the idea of treating our customers the way we wanted to have been treated when we were applying for our first visas and taking the first steps in America. 

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