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Schedule your consultation with one of the licensed attorneys at Gondim Law Corp.

During the consultation, which can be online or in-person in our office in Los Angeles, your professional and academic background will be evaluated, as well as your plans or intentions of work or business in the United States.

At the end of the consultation, our attorneys will be able to identify which of the various categories of visas or green card processes best applies to your immigration profile and, in case you qualify for one of the categories, will provide you with instructions on how to become a client at Gondim Law Corp and initiate your immigration or visa petition.

Schedule a video or in-person consultation with Gondim Law Corp.

* The 30-minute online consultation (via Zoom) costs $200.00, and the 60-minute in person consultation (at our Los Angeles office) costs $300. Please note that these fees will be credited towards the total value of your case once you hire Gondim Law as your legal counsel.  

*Please note that the scheduling fee is only valid for the first consultation and follow-up meetings within six months, starting from the initial consultation date After six months, if a contract has not been signed with our firm, a new consultation fee will be charged.  

*Consultation fee can be fully refunded if the appointment is canceled within 24 hours before the scheduled time. 

* Clients who have already had an initial consultation with us or are existing clients can schedule phone/video conferences by emailing our office at frontdesk@gondim-law.com