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According to  Itamaraty, there are currently 1.9 million Brazilians, including legal and illegal, living in the United States. This is 19% more than the number recorded in 2016 (1.5 million). And if it depends on the Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS), this population will get even larger by the end of 2022, which is expected to account more than 2 million Brazilian immigrants in the U.S.

The main reason that explains the interest of the United States in granting the right to residence to foreign professionals is the lack of skilled labor that exists in the country for various essential professions such as doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, engineers, IT professionals, airplane pilots, etc. In most of these areas, many Brazilians stand out for their technical ability and academic training, which ends up making them excellent candidates for the green card.

“Today, a large part of Brazil’s population knows that there are several types of visas and immigration categories that allow the granting of a green card to live in the U.S., and so, especially in the last 6 years, we have followed an unprecedented exodus of Brazilian professionals and entrepreneurs who have decided to seek better opportunities in the American labor market,” said immigration lawyer Marcelo Gondim.

There are several factors that point to the increase of the Brazilian population in the USA over the coming months. First, the Immigration Department has released more than 300,000 new green cards through the EB (Employment-Based) category, aimed at professionals qualified for their careers, job opportunities or investment in America. In addition, all immigration services that had been disrupted during the height of the pandemic were recently resumed, which will directly benefit thousands of Brazilians who have been waiting for more than 2 years for their visa and green card interviews to acquire the status of legal residents.

“The U.S. government has been showing clear signs of encouraging the arrival of foreign professionals seeking to reside and work legally in the U.S. The labor market is again overheated, with a monthly average of 11 million jobs available, and there are excellent opportunities in almost every segment. Without a doubt this is an excellent time for those who want to start a new life in America”, said Marcelo Gondim, who also owns Gondim Law Corp., a Californian immigration law firm, which in the last 6 years has assisted hundreds of Brazilians in their green card processes.

If the Brazilian community in the U.S. actually reaches 2 million people by the end of the year, Brazil will take south Korea the tenth country that sends immigrants to the country. The people with the highest foreign representation in America continue to beMexican s, Chinese and Indian.

About the specialist: Marcelo Gondim

Marcelo Gondim is an immigration lawyer for the United States, with more than 10 years of experience in green card and U.S. visa processes. He is licensed by the State of California. Marcelo was born in Brazil, but also holds American citizenship. He is the founder and principal attorney of Gondim Law Corp., one of the most important immigration law firms in the U.S .


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