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Joe Biden’s administration celebrated the Democratic Party victory in the Senate during the midterms, elections that define the direction of the second half of the current president’s term. The dispute with the Republican Party candidates was fierce and was eventually decided by the results in Nevada and Arizona, both favorable to the Democrats.

On the other hand, the election outcomes indicate a U.S. Congress with a Republican majority, which should make it more difficult for Biden to pass laws and political articulations. Still, predictions that a “red invasion” would take place (alluding to the color of the Republican party flag) did not materialize, including in the disputes for governors of the American states.

According to the U.S. Immigration attorney Marcelo Gondim, the election results were very favorable for most of the 50 million immigrants  (14.3% of the population) living in the country: – “A Democrat majority in the Senate indicates greater chances of passing more pro-immigration laws, including the resumption of the “forgiveness” bill that could benefit up to 11 million people currently undocumented in the country. However, the approval of these laws depends on Congress, where Biden will not have an easy life because of the Republicans’ majority.”

Joe Biden’s flagship during the presidential campaign, the immigration reform proposal, was eventually discontinued by the current U.S. Congress and was deemed unfeasible in terms of the budget by the U.S. Supreme Court. “The major consequence of the Democrats’ victory in the Senate is that the President will have more power to govern in the next two years and maybe pass a more substantial and inclusive immigration reform,” – commented Marcelo Gondim.

Regardless of political views, situations such as those we have witnessed in recent years, with millions of people arrested while trying to cross the southern border, will only be able to be solved with profound immigration reform. The U.S. needs a fairer immigration law while advocating more efficient security at its borders.” –  Commented Marcelo Gondim, who founded Gondim Law Corp, a law firm based in L.A. representing thousands of clients in their immigration processes to the U.S.

About the specialist: Marcelo Gondim

Marcelo Gondim is an immigration lawyer in the United States with more than ten years of experience in green cards and U.S. visa processes. He is licensed by the State of Florida to practice immigration law in the entire U.S. Marcelo was born in Brazil but also held American citizenship. He is the founder and principal attorney at Gondim Law Corp., an immigration law firm based in Los Angeles. Increases the number of female immigrants in the United States


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